Sunday Bible Studies

Children’s Sunday Bible Study Classes

Preschool A (Room 111)
Babies, newborn through walkers

Preschool B (Room 113)

Preschool C (Room 116)
2 & 3 year olds

Preschool D (Room 114)
4 year olds through Kindergarten

First  & Second Grade(Room 209)

Third - Sixth Grade(Room 207)

Youth Sunday Bible Study Classes

Seventh & Eighth Grade (Room 206)

Ninth - Twelfth Grade(Room 208)


Adult Sunday Bible Study Classes

Beta (104)   
Senior Adult Men

Cornerstone (Room 100/102)
Co-Ed Adults of All Ages

Discovery (208)
Co-Ed Adults of All Ages
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Dorcas (Room 204)
Co-Ed Senior Adults

J.O.Y. (Room 106)
Co-Ed Adults of All Ages

ESL Bible Study (Library)
Co-Ed Adults for whom English 
is not their primary language

Love (Parlor)
Senior Adult Women

Unity (Room 108)
Co-Ed Adults, Single adults, 
Young married and parents of young children