Weekly Events

The Children’s Ministries at Ox Hill Baptist Church partner with parents to provide children with the encouragement, wisdom, and tools necessary to build a spiritual foundation through Christ.  For more information about Children’s Ministries, please contact the Church Office.

Bible Study Groups
We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings for Bible Study beginning at 9:40 AM, followed by Worship at 11:00 AM.  Bible Study classes are available for all ages and offer children the chance to engage, learn, and develop in their faith with peers. 

Infants (Room 111) and Toddlers (Room 113)

Babies and Infants are cared for in a loving and nurturing environment.  Toddlers are given a chance to experience God’s love through interacting with each other and adults.

Preschool-Age Children
2 & 3 Years Olds (Room 118) and Pre-K and Kindergarten (Room 114)

Children are engaged in interactive learning experiences using scripture-based activities and lessons.

School-Age Children
First and Second Grade (Room 209)
Third - Sixth Grade (Room 205)

Children are engaged in large and small group settings where the bible is taught in creative and relevant ways preteens can understand. Children will examine and learn to apply spiritual concepts through bible study, prayer, mission, and related activities.

Children’s Mission Groups
In our missions groups, children are invited to learn more about how God's Word is being spread around the world and how they can be a part of obeying God's command to share His message of love and salvation through Jesus Christ to others.  Fun mission related activities are planned each week to help children learn about the many ways they can help others in their own communities and serve the less fortunate.  The children’s groups meet from 7:20 PM – 8:15 PM on Wednesdays, September through May.  Annual RA and GA awards ceremonies are held at the end of each school year. For more information, click here!

Mission Friends (3yrs – Kindergarten)
Mission Friends provides the basic building blocks of faith and awareness of God’s love for all people.  Children learn about missionaries from all over the world and are engaged in interactive activities focused on mission. For more information, click here!

Girls in Action – GA’s (1st – 6th Grade girls)
GA's is a mission discipleship education organization for girls in grades 1-6.  Through GA's, girls learn about, pray for, give to, and perform mission work.  GA’s provides a place where our girls have a Christ-centered peer group, hands-on ministry experience, and opportunity to learn the biblical basis for missions.  The girls are engaged in various mission-oriented activities throughout the year including retreats, canned food drives, and caroling. For more information, click here

Royal Ambassadors – RA’s (1st – 6th Grade boys)
RA’s is a bible centered, church based, mission education organization for boys in grades 1-6.  The RA Motto “We are Ambassadors for Christ” serves as the boys and leaders lifestyle goal.  The boys are engaged in various mission-oriented activities throughout the year including retreats, providing meals, and caroling.  They also participate in various fellowships including derby car, line glider, and sailboat races.
For more information, click here!

Children’s Music Groups

Music is a vital part of our worship and fellowship at Ox Hill Baptist Church.  There are music programs for children ages 3 to grade 6. Children’s Choirs meet from 6:30 PM – 7:15 PM on Wednesdays, September through May. The various choirs will occasionally participate in worship throughout the year and have recognition services at Christmas and towards the end of the school year. Please see our Music Ministries webpage or contact our Minister of Music, Paul Brill, for more information.