Sailing Forward: The Future of OHBC

Raise the Sails. Feel God's Power

As we embark on our pastoral search and church transition, we need to
“take up oars, hoist sails, and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us” -- The Sailboat Church.

Preparing to Call a New Senior Pastor

Ox Hill Baptist Church (OHBC) is currently participating in an intentional interim period, that will celebrate our past, understand our present, and plan our future. We are working with Dr. Randy Ashcraft from the Center for Healthy Churches over the next few months as we prepare to call our next Senior Pastor.

Congregational Conversation #1: Celebrating Our Past

Sunday, June 25 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm 

We invite you to help shape OHBC’s future at the first of three gatherings facilitated by Dr. Randy Ashcraft. We’ll start with celebrating our past, allowing us to recognize what brought us here, what holds us together, and what makes us tick. What we learn here will be used to help build our church and senior pastor profile.

What to Expect

  • 90 minute session focused on our past
  • Small group roundtable discussions
  • Session facilitated by Dr. Randy Ashcraft, with a transition team member at each table to capture feedback
  • Information collected through activities and discussion will be used to help build our church profile and senior pastor profile
  • Childcare provided

What to Bring

  • Photos of OHBC's past, especially ones representing milestones in your journey at OHBC (we've thrown some up here to inspire you!)
  • An open mind and heart, and a willingness to share your ideas and thoughts (remember, we can't write it down if you don't say it!)
ohbc photo collage

Future Congregational Converations

More information will be available as we near these session dates, but we wanted you to mark your calendars now!

  • September 10 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm
  • October 15 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Covenant Between Transition Team, God, & OHBC

The Ox Hill Baptist Church congregation has prayerfully sought God's wisdom in selecting members to serve on the Transition Team. We, the members of the Team, now enter into a covenant with God and our congregation to:

  • earnestly seek to trust God and pray to follow God's will (nothing more, nothing else, nothing less),
  • listen with open hearts and minds to various perspectives within the congregation to ensure that the views shared by the members are represented as fairly as possible,
  • capture, to the best of our ability, the OHBC basic core values,
  • strive to be available to all members, and
  • communicate with the congregation about the work of the Transition Team.

Bruce, Kirk, Lacy, Wayne, Jaimi, Patty, Mary, Gene, Hugo